Create the Life You Desire and Deserve With Suzie Bowers


Hypnosis Works! Many of the things that hold us back in life are due to beliefs and programs held deep in the subconscious part of our mind. Everything we desire for ourselves is available when we tap into this part of us. "Health, Wealth, Happiness" are our birthright, yet many do not achieve what they truly desire due to these hidden subconscious programs.


Through the powerful and natural state of hypnosis, we can access hidden forces within our own mind, and make quick changes that will catapult us forward to our dreams. There is no reason to stay stuck in mediocrity, when you were born to be a huge success, healthy, wealthy and happy.


Suzie Bowers has been a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist since 1995. She is author of 3 books: Ten Keys to Living a Soul Life, (available on Amazon,) Ways to Quit Smoking, and ebook: Your Six-Figure Hypno-Coaching Business, Where Passion and Purpose Change People's Lives. Suzie is owner of California Hypnosis Center located in Stockton, California where she has worked with 100s of people to help them overcome self-imposed obstacles and move forward to their desired goal. Suzie uses powerful processes including hypnotherapy, neuro-linguistic programming and coaching and accountability systems, making change easy and effective.


In 2012, Suzie started her own publishing company, Publishing, for other hypnotherapists and coaches, where she offers online publishing, social media, blogging, enewsletter and website services along with business coaching. Suzie also offers training to certify other hypnotherapists in her one of a kind "Soul-Discovery Coach" training, where she teachers hypnosis, neuro-linguistic programming, intuitive processes, soul communication, and "light-work" to those interested in starting their own business in the helping profession.


Suzie specializes in:

Smoking Cessation (one of the only programs in the world to offer a guarantee!)

Weight Loss including Gastric ByPass Hypnosis

Sales Success Conditioning

Successful Speaker Training

Overcoming Fears, Phobis and Anxiety


Past Life Regression

Hypnotherapist-Coach Certification Training 



Suzie offers a FREE Consultation and you may contact her:


[email protected]