Patricia Mancebo, ClubZ Tutoring

Patricia (“Pat”) Mancebo is the owner/director of

Legacy Tutoring, LLC dba Club Z! In-home Tutoring

Serving Calaveras, Linden, Lodi and Stockton


Pat Mancebo, a resident of Stockton for the past 27 years, received her post-secondary education at Catholic University of America, Washington D.C.  Using her 30 years of corporate experience and expertise, Pat and her team of professionals have been, as she likes to put it: “Putting an end to ‘homework wars’ and restoring peace to the family’s evening!”  Experienced, fully back-ground checked and vetted, her tutors provide assistance in subject-specific curriculum and several proprietary courses including SAT/ACT prep and Study Skills.  Over the past 11+ years, Pat and her team have served thousands of local student families with huge success and she looks forward to discovering new ways of assisting students to rekindle their natural self-esteem, raise their self-confidence and achieve their full potential.  Passionate about the roles Pat and her team play in the lives of students, she works with families, public and private schools and organizations to provide the benefits of what a little one-on-one assistance, with the right person, in the right environment, at the right time can do!

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