Tamera Aragon and Julie Cosgrove attended luncheons called Women's Success Connection while working in the bay area, winter of 1997. They enjoyed the format of those lunches so much, they wanted to bring it to their hometown of Stockton when their work brought them back here. The idea of allowing busy businesswomen to support each other in business, while also giving to a worthy cause was what they enjoyed the most. 

So, they created a flyer and went office-to-office inviting women to this luncheon. The first meeting they had more in attendance than they had expected - 30 women came. Thus, WSG was started. The first Board of Directors for Women's Success Group was created in Stockton in 1998.

WSG is a group of heart centered, dynamic women meeting to encourage, inspire and motivate one another, establishing contacts within the organization dedicated to helping women succeed and women in need.

WSG is a 501C3 nonprofit corporation. 

WSG plans to continue to contribute to women and children of this community through this luncheon and the giving of proceeds to the Women's Center of San Joaquin County. 

WSG exists to help women EARN more, LEARN more and SERVE more.