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As the behavioral therapist and trainer for Bark Busters Home Dog Training Stockton CA area, I will work with you to solve the issues you are experiencing with your dog. I can train any dog, any age, and any issue – even yours! I have been with Bark Busters for over seven years, have trained hundreds of dogs in the Central Valley and surrounding areas, and have received the designation of Master Dog Trainer. My dog behavior training territory includes Acampo, Elk Grove, Galt, Herald, Linden, Lockeford, Lodi, Sloughhouse, Stockton, Wilton, and Woodbridge.


Are you irritated, frustrated, angry, or even desperate dealing with your dog’s inappropriate, embarrassing, or destructive behaviors?  Don’t worry any longer; you have come to the right place, Bark Busters Central Valley.  Dog behavioral problems like excessive barking, jumping up, aggression towards people and other dogs, digging, marking, chewing, sibling rivalry and separation anxiety are only a few of the dog behavioral issues that I, as a dog trainer, can help you begin to conquer in one visit (less than 3 hours).


Bark Busters Home Dog Training was founded in 1989 and is now in ten countries. We have trained over 750,000 dogs worldwide, which means there is no dog obedience issue we haven’t corrected.


Bark Busters method of pain-free, treat-free, clicker-free dog training is the best system for re-training “problem” dogs and turning them back into happy, settled family pets. I will teach you a system of communication your dog already knows, based on canine communication and pack behavior. You will learn how to use your body language and vocal communication to get your dog to focus and respect you. You can learn to educate your dog on what behaviors are acceptable and which are not.


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Barbara is on the Board of Directors for Women's Success Group as Director of Operations. She makes sure our monthly luncheon room is set up and ready for our members to network and enjoy a great lunch. She also handles the monthly raffle and prizes, where our members get a chance to address the group for 2.5 minutes about their business. All the proceeds from our monthly raffle go to Women's Center Youth and Family Services or another local charity. Also, if you'd like a display table to show off your business, Barbara will help you with that as well.


If you'd like to donate a raffle prize and have the opportunity to share your business with our group, please contact Barbara!


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877.500.BARK (2275)

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